Borderless Payments

We are on a mission to uncomplicate payments to help businesses grow globally.



About Us

Yuansfer creates commerce technology for American retailers to improve international buying experience on the existing platforms so that they can convert more sales from fast-growing global shoppers, without hassles migrating or adopting expensive foreign marketplaces. 

We already made it simple to accept the most popular Chinese digital wallets Alipay and WeChat Pay, on eCommerce and in-store. By offering Chinese customers an option to pay with their preferred methods, also leveraging Alipay and WeChat ecosystems to enhance digital presence, Yuansfer merchants can boost sales growth from this well-documented group of high spenders by up to 300%.

Yuansfer stands for a smooth transfer between international valuables via a future proof payment network. We envision a trusted global commerce infrastructure where both buyers and sellers prosper with fewer frictions.

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