Start by preparing your business for Chinese consumers.

By accepting China’s preferred methods of payments: Alipay, WeChat Pay, and Union Pay.

We’ve made it easy for you.

It is now easier than ever to accept Alipay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay. We have created a revolutionary multichannel payment solution, that allows customers to shop seamlessly rather from your online store, mobile app or physical store. By accepting Chinese consumers preferred payment methods you will build customer loyalty, increase revenues and expand your consumer pool.

Tap into the world's most beloved payment platforms.

Spread your reach.

Get paid anywhere.

With our two bonus features, Yuansfer Invoice and Yuansfer Me, that make obtaining money even easier.

Yuansfer Invoice

Send and track professional invoices from your laptop or mobile devices straight to your customer, in just a few clicks. Customers have the options to pay using RMB or USD and payments will be deposited within your bank within two business days.

Yuansfer ME

An informal quick way to send and request payments. By simply sending a link through email, WeChat or text message and you can get paid. Once completed the form will include their name, email address and order information.

Modernize your payments.

Update your in-store payment ability by accepting QR codes, a preferred payment practice in China.

Streamline your data.

Discover new insights about your business with Yuansfer innovative reporting tools and analytics.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about our solutions or how to become a merchant and start accepting Alipay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay.