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Business Development Specialist

Market Research

In order to have an understanding of how Yuanex’s brand can be positioned in the industry of across-border payment technology, the Business Development Specialist must conduct extensive market research. This involves keeping track of competitors’ product developments and marketing strategies, as well as identifying purchase patterns and emerging trends:

  • Conduct extensive market research on relative products and service that the main competitors have. Have insight into the competitive landscape, track products, prices, staffing, research and development, and other aspects of the competition on an ongoing basis.
  • Analyze the business strategies, product & brand strategies, and marketing efforts these competitors use. Report to management monthly about the principle, effects, and even solution on main competitors’ strategies.
  • Conduct continuous market research to identify customer needs, preference and reaction of the payment technology, especially merchants in the U.S.A, to define targeted customers.
  • Conduct research on market performance of Yuansfer’s current products – Yuansfer Online Invoice, Yuansfer Portal System, Yuansfer ME, and so on of the company. Find out the performance of each products in the market via applying corporate portfolio matrix.

Business Processes Analysis

In order to recommend ways to bring in more revenue, Business Development Specialists must first analyze the current business processes of Yuanex such as reviewing spending habits, marketing and branding efforts, as well as factors that can have an influence on performance:

  • Analyze the business processes of the company and find out the advantages & disadvantage of the business strategy and policies.
  • lReview and analyze the spending habits, marketing, and branding efforts the company conducts. Conduct the SWOT Report and present to management every month.
  • Attend staff conference to provide information and proposals concerning the promotion, distribution, pricing of company products or services. Then analyze the effectiveness and feasibility of these proposals.

Financial Information Analysis

Business Development Specialist manages financial information, which involves developing financial analysis, reconciliations as well as sales and profit prediction reports, maintaining cost control in the support of company goals and strategic initiatives, measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising and communications programs and strategies.

Customer Service

As the main way to increase revenue is to grow sales, the Business Development Specialist is often tasked with the responsibility of developing and maintaining client relationships. In order to assess prospective clients, Business Development Specialist is tasked with attending networking and industry events, creating new client presentations and facilitating client meetings. Business Development Specialist must be customer-oriented, pitch the sale as well as be available to address issues or concerns:

  • Collect information on current customers’ demographics, performance, needs, and purchasing habits to identify potential markets.
  • Maintain customer relationship and viscosity to Yuansfer’s products. Use marketing data and CRM software includes Salesforce software- Marketing Cloud & Community Cloud for customer satisfaction and loyalty analysis so as to better understand how customers interact with Yuanex products and services.

The candidate requires bachelor degree in Business Administration or other related specialty and at least 6 months’ related experience.
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