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At Yuansfer, we are firm believers in connecting the world a single cross-border payment at time. As a global company ourselves, we understand the hardships of conducting business across borders. In addition to trying to meet the ever-growing demand for the acceptance of global payments. Driving us to build tools and provide innovative services; that do more than just help our merchants with their payments but, help them optimize their business and continue to grow.

Our single global payment service is effective, easy to set up, and work smoothly across the numbers platforms that are supported by Yuansfer. We strive meet all the payment needs of our merchants and resales, as the market evolves by having offices in some of the biggest markets: New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA and Guangzhou in China. To help you optimize your business we provide additional free services to help you handle your invoices, so you can focus on what you do best- running your business.

Here at Yuansfer we’re building for the long term.

As an emerging company, we’re looking at the big picture. We are aware of see the infinite potential and demand of mobile payments. We believe that a strong foundation in mobile payments will change the future of global commerce. We strive to remain a leader within the industry as the Chinese market continues to grow and the demand for acceptance of WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay increases.

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Here at Yuansfer, we know in order to achieve our goals and succeed we need a top-notch team. To do this we need the very best candidates, which is why we’re looking forward to hearing from you.



Business Development Specialist

Los Angeles

In order to have an understanding of how Yuanex’s brand can be positioned in the industry of across-border payment technology, the Business Development Specialist must conduct extensive market research.