Yuanex Inc. provides American businesses with a single solution to accept Chinese cross-border payments such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, Union Pay, enabling the local brands to optimize growth across online, in-app, and in store.

Over 500 million active users

Our merchants entitle free listing on Alipay’s Discovery Channel to increase exposure and custom marketing campaign to increase customer traffic.

1 billion global active users

Seamless integration with WeChat Business Account, WeChat Mini-App to take full advantage of the largest Chinese social network.
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5 billion cards in circulation

The 2nd largest card network by transaction volume worldwide, with enhanced security to prevent fraud and avoid chargebacks.

Yuansfer Merchant Account Accepts Every Way Your Customers Want To Pay


Get Paid On The Move

First App that accept QRCode, magstripe, NFC (Mobile Payments)

  • Download Yuansfer App in your Iphone, Android phone, and tablets
  • Accepts Alipay/WeChat Pay/Union Pay/Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX/Apple Pay/SamSung
  • Readers for magstripe, Chip and NFC sold separately

Get Paid In Store

Process payment using our Smart Terminal

  • Accepts Alipay/WeChat Pay/Union Pay/Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX/Apple Pay/SamSung Pay/Android Pay
  • Can be used stand alone or integrated with most POS systems
  • Long lasting battery life with built in receipt printer

Get Paid Remotely

Using Yuansfer Invoice or Yuansfer Me (custom payment link)

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Yuansfer Invoice

Send professional invoices from your mobile device or laptop right to your customers’ inboxes. In just a few clicks, customers can pay you using RMB or USD. Payment will be deposited into your bank in USD in one to two business days.

  • Customize templates
  • Track invoices

Yuansfer ME

Share a link through Email, WeChat, Text message and get paid just this easy. Your customer will include in the payment their name, Email address and order information on their own.

  • Simple to create
  • Same security level

Other Payment Methods

Merchant QR Code

Customer scans merchant’s QR Code using Alipay or WeChat Pay app to complete payment.

Customer QR Code

Merchant completes the payment by scanning customer’s QR Code.

Analytics and Reports

Discover new insights about your business with Yuansfer’s analytics and advance reporting tool.

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