Give your international guests the gift of quick and stress-free payments.

Enabling Alipay and WeChat Pay can yield amazing guest experiences, build brand loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

Yuansfer provides solutions to all types of hospitality businesses including hotels, restaurants, theme parks, travel agencies and more.

Nearly $20 billions are spent by Chinese travelers in the US for hospitality services in 2018

Deliver smooth journey from check-in to checkout

Bad hospitality is corrosive, a single customer frustration can reach far more ears than it used to. With Yuansfer, you can successful demonstrate how much your business values guests’ time and their need for convenience, speed, and customer service.

Yuansfer helps convert and capture more sales in every step of customers decision journey.

Flexible, reliable and secure
options tailored to suit your need.

Yuansfer Smart Terminal

Staying future-proof by using our Smart Terminal that supports Alipay, WeChat Pay and virtually all the other payment methods.

POS Systems Integration

Yuansfer seamlessly integrates with many of the leading POS, PMS software and value-added reseller solutions to the hospitality industry.

Mobile Apps

Yuansfer App (free on App Store and Google Play) is designed for immediate Alipay and WeChat Pay processing on your own mobile devices.