The fastest way to reach billions of consumers who want to pay with mobile wallets

Accept multiple alternative payment methods online with one simple integration to supplement and streamline your checkout process.

The payment platform built for growth

Boost global reach

Accept over a dozen mobile wallets as the alternative payment methods and connect with 2 billion new customer base.

Reduce cart abandonment rates

Remove tedious credit card forms and make it easier for customers to checkout with their preferred payment options.

Decrease transaction fees

Yuansfer saves businesses up to 65% in cross-border transaction fees. 

Increase digital presence

Yuansfer develops custom marketing campaigns to help drive more traffic to your website.

Features to make business growth easy and convenient


Send customers a payment link or QR code for quick payments.


Create and send invoices via email or messaging apps.

Multiple currencies support

Transact flexibly using foreign or your home currency.

Local settlement

Two day funding in your home currency.      

Fraud and chargeback prevention

Secure mobile wallet transactions ensure you get the money you deserve.

Recurring Payments

Increase subscription rates and opration efficiency.

Existing eCommerce integrations

How the checkout process looks like on a mobile device

Customer selects a preferred payment method

Customer selects a preferred payment method

Wallet app authenticates payment

Wallet app authenticates payment

Payment is successful

Payment is successful

Payment concludes

Payment concludes

Made for developers

From one techie, to another


Build a custom solution for any POS or eCommerce platform.


Everything you need to quickly integrate with Yuansfer.