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Merchant Portal

Merchant Portal Login
Account: You can log in to Yuansfer Merchant Portal using your email or Account ID.
Password: You can find your initial password on Yuansfer Welcome/Activation email after your Merchant
Account is approved.
If you can’t find your welcome email from us, check your spam box. Or click on Forgot password to reset.
Merchant Portal Password Reset

There are two ways to reset your password in the merchant portal if you’ve forgotten it.

  • From the login page, click on the Forgot password? link. Provide your login email and confirm. An email with a password reset link will be sent to you, follow the link in the email to reset the password.
  • Change Merchant password in the Account & Settings.
Transaction Detail Report
The Transaction Detail Report gives merchants detailed information about each transaction occurring in the account.

Deposit Detail Report
Deposits Report provides a breakdown of all the Alipay & WeChat Pay, China UnionPay, and credit card transactions
that had already deposited to your bank account.

Issue a Refund
Daily and Monthly Summary Reports
Add and Edit QR Code

Merchants can add and edit QR Code in Settings.

Add and Edit Merchant User and Store User
Add Store
Edit Tipping/Tax/Convenience Fee
Merchants can edit Tipping, Tax, and Convenience Fee in Account & Settings.
(Note that you must first toggle to enable Tipping, Tax and Convenience Fee to edit)
Step1: Select Store, then click More, and you will be able to see Detail and Edit.
Step2: Then, click Edit to adjust Tipping, Tax, and Convenience Fee for a specific store.

Merchant Portal Dashboard
Yuansfer’s Merchant Dashboard puts transaction data from all payments types in one place, making it
easier to spot trends and compare data.



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Reseller Portal

Reseller Residual
Add Referral Code and Fee
Add and Edit Merchant Information
Add Ticket
Reseller Portal Password Reset