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Smart Terminal


Credit Card - Point of Sale

Clear Button

If the input is incorrect, tap the C button to cancel.


Add Button

Enter a payment amount for your customers, and tap the + button, the amount amount will display in the blue box.

  Suggested Tips

   Enable tipping in Setting

Accept payments

After you tap the button titled as Credit Card and enter the tip amount, this page appears automatically

Transaction successfully completed

If the transaction is approved by the issuer, confirmation message “Payment Succesful” will be displayed

Manually Enter Card

Required Information for Manual Entry

Complete card number

Required Information for Manual Entry

Expiration date

Optional Information for Manual Entry

Security code/CVV

Alipay & WeChat Pay - Point of Sale

Step 1

Once Alipay or WeChat Pay option is selected in the Point of Sale, the front (i) or back camera (ii) will evoke automatically. Complete payment by scanning the customer’s Alipay or WeChat Pay QR Code.
The customer completes payment by aiming his/her
QR Code at the front camera.
The cashier completes payment by fixing the back camera at the customer’s QR Code.

Step 2

To collect a payment, the merchant can ask consumers to open the Alipay app and tap Pay.

To collect a WeChat Pay payment, the merchant can ask consumers to open the WeChat app and tap the + button on the top right corner, and then tap Money.

Collect - QR Code

Customers can make quick payments by scanning the QR Code in the POS/APP.

Collect - YuansferMe

Tap Send It

Next, select the customer you want to collect money for 

Tap Send, let your customer pay via YuansferME online 

Collect - Invoice
  • Tap + on the navigation bar
  • Tap Date of issue and Due Date
  • Tap Add a line to add an item from your item library or add a custom amount
  • Tap Add Customer and either select an existing customer from your Customer lists
    or tap Add new customer to enter your customer’s information
  • Tap SEND IT

Manually Batch Settlement

Manual batch is available upon request. Note that when the manual batch is in place, all credit card transactions will not be
deposited until the merchant tap the Batch button.

Tap Setting

Next, tap Credit Card Service

Then, you can tap the Batch button to batch manually.


Credit Card - Void & Refund

Tap the transaction you want to refund.

And then, tap Refund.

Enter the Manager ID, Password, Refund Amount, and tap Refund.

Print option is available upon refund successful.

Tap the transaction you want to void.

And then, tap Void.

Enter the Manager ID, Password, Refund Amount, and tap Void.

Print option is available upon void successful.

Alipay & WeChat Pay - Refund

Tap the transaction you want to refund.

And then, tap Refund.

Enter the Manager ID, Password, Refund Amount, and tap Refund.

Details page prompts up once refund was successful.

Transaction Setting

Credit Card - Add tips

Past transaction

Find the transaction you want to add a tip

Modify Tip

Scroll down and tap Modify to enter the tip amount

Enable Tipping/Tax/Convenience Fee

The General Setting allows you to enable or edit Tipping, Tax, and Convenience Fee.

Enable and manage your Tax in Setting-General.

Enable and manage your Convenience Fee in Setting-General.

Enable Tipping and custom % amount In-App in Setting-General.

General Setting

Hardware Configuration


1.Processor: 4 Core CPU + Secure CPU
2. Android 5.X Secure Payment System
3.Storage:RAM 1G / Flash 8G
4.Display:5.5 in. IPS screen, resolution 1280*720
5.Cameras:5 million pixel, flashlight, autofocus
6.Barcode/QR code:Yes
7.Network:Wi-Fi, 4G , Bluetooth
8.Battery: 24hours
9.Printer: 40mm*58mm paper roll


Basic Operations

Drag the Status bar down to the bottom of the screen to
display the Notification panel.
Terminal Login

Account: Login to Yuansfer Merchant Portal using your Email or Account ID.

Password: You can find your initial password on Yuansfer Welcome/Activation email after
your Merchant Account is approved. Click on Forgot password to reset.
WIFI Setting

Step 1

Tap Setting menu, and then tap Network.

Step 2

Tap Wi-Fi, you will be redirected to the Smart Terminal Wi-Fi (WLAN) page where you can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 3

Tap the text under the Wi-Fi icon, and you can see all available networks. Once successfully connected to a network, tap DONE.

Check for New Version

You can check for new updates manually.

The system will notify you when a new version is available to download.

Forgot & Password Reset

Two ways to reset your password in Smart Terminal if you’ve forgotten it.

  • From the login page, tap the Forgot password link. Provide your login email and confirm. An email with a password reset link will be sent to you, follow the link in the email to reset the password.
  • Change password in the Setting.

Reset your password from  the login screen.

Tap Setting

Next, tap My Account

Reset password

Date & Time Setting
Manually set the time zone to either Beijing(GMT+8) or Local Time Zone in the Setting.


Transaction History Search

Search by entering transaction number.


Search by scanning a barcode.

Print Reports

Tap the printer icon on the upper right corner of the screen to print reports